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Component Elements

Component elements are the leaves of the tree structure that defines an HTML page. The components are responsible for writing the HTML to the response that is sent back to the browser. The HTML to write is defined in C# code.

Note that you do not have to create C# classes for every piece of content, that would be extremely time consuming and hard to manage. There are higher level facilities that create components for you, for example the template loader and template parser mechanism constructs and configures components for each template.

Components have the following features:

  • Can write Html, Css and Javascript to any part of the pages where this component exists. The component might exist on a page because it was specifically added to that page, or it might exist because something else on the page depends on it.
  • They can specify which areas of the page they writes to. To improve page rendering efficiency the rendering engine will prune areas of the tree that contain no components that render to a specific portion of the page when that part of the page is being rendered.
  • They can publish Css and Javascript assets that will be bundled into the module that the component is deployed as. These assets will be in a namespace if the component is part of a package.

For more information about components, see the component reference page