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The OwinFramework.AnalysisReporter Project

To make this middleware really useful you should implement the IAnalysable interface in any middleware that you write. The standard Owin Framework middleware implements this interface where appropriate, so there is value in

Adding this middleware to the Owin pipeline

    .ConfigureWith(config, "/owinFramework/middleware/analysisReporter");    
The assumes that you are using Ninject as your IoC container, and followed the getting started walkthrough. If this is not the case then you will need to adjust the code to work in your application.

Default Configuration

The configuration below is the configuration you will get by default if you do not provide a configuration for this middleware.

   "owinFramework": {
      "middleware": {
         "analysisReporter": {
               "path": "/owin/analytics",
               "enabled": true,
               "requiredPermission": null,
               "defaultFormat ": "application/json"
The default format applies when there is no Accept header in the request.
In your production environment you should either disable this middleware or configure the requiredPermission and include identification and authorization middleware into your pipeline.