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Add this package to your solution to provide the OwinFramework with the ITokenStore facility.

This implementation of ITokenStore stores tokens using the ICache facility. Select an implementation of ICache that meets your needs in terms of sharing information across server farms, performance, scaleability and persistence.

This token store implements the following business rules:

  • Only tokens that have been created are valid. Checking a random token string will always result in a 'not valid' response.
  • Tokens are no longer valid after they have expired.
  • Tokens are only valid for the purpose, identity and token type they were created with.
  • If a token is created with no purpose then it is valid for any purpose.
  • If a token is created with no identity than it is valid for all identities.
  • It is not valid to create a token with no token type.
  • All token types are treated identically.
  • The token itself is case sensitive.
  • The token type, purpose and identity are case insentitive.
  • When tokens are deleted they are deleted from the cache and immediately become invalid

This token store can be configured. To do this register an implementation of IConfiguration using the IoC Modules package, then create an object in your configuration data with the path /OwinFramework/TokenStore.Cache that contains the following properties:

Lifetime is a TimeSpan that specifies how long tokens live for. The cache will be asked to cache the tokens for this duration. The default value for lifetime is 1 hour.

CachePrefix is a prefix that is added to the front of the token to create a unique location in cache where the token is stored. The default prefix is /tokens/.