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[IsPackage] attribute | The OWIN Framework Pages

The [IsPackage] Attribute

Attach this attribute to a class to identify it as a package.

Example Usage

[IsPackage("application", "app")]
internal class ApplicationPackage { }
internal class DefaultStylesComponent 
{ }

The [IsPackage()] attribute has the following properties you can set.


You will want to choose a unique name for your package if you intend to assign other page elements to it using attributes. If you are creating a package for distribution to third parties then you don't have to set a package name, but it makes sense to do so for debugging purposes.


This defines the prefix to use on all CSS class names and the namespace used to enclose all Javascript functions. You must choose a name that is valid syntax when applied to a CSS class name as a prefix and is also a valid Javascript identifier. I recommend choosing a short all lower case name with no puncuation or special characters. If you need to concatenate multiple words then you should separate them with underscore because hyphens look like subtraction to the Javascript parser.