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The [RenderHtml] Attribute

The [RenderHtml] attribute can be attached to a component or region to define the contents of that cmponent or region is localizable static Html.

The [RenderHtml()] attribute has the following properties you can set.


This name is passed to the localization system to retrieve the locale specific version of the Html to write. Every piece of localized text must have a unique name, so you should come up with a naming convention that makes this manageable.


This default Html to render when there is no locale specific version of the Html configured in the localization system.


.Net does not preserve the order of attributes attached to classes, but the order of rendering Html is obviously important in the case where multiple [RenderHtml()] attributes have been attached to an element.

This property is required when there are multiple [RenderHtml()] attributes attached to an element to define the order in which they will be rendered.