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The [RenderTemplate] Attribute

One or more [RenderTemplate] attributes can be attached to a region to render templates into various parts of the page. For example you can create a template for some part of the page head and use a [RenderTemplate] attribute on a region to specify that this template should be rendered into the <head> area of the page.

The [RenderTemplate()] attribute has the following properties you can set.


Defines the path of the template to render. Template paths look like Url paths, but they are references to the location of a template within the template folder structure.


Defines the area of the page where the template should be rendered. This makes the most sense for templates that only have one part. It is also possible to create multi-part templates that already render content into multiple places on the page. How these will interact with this setting depends on the behavior of the template parser, and is generally not recommended.