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The [ZoneHtml] Attribute

Attach the [ZoneHtml] attribute to elements that contain multiple content areas (zones) to place localizable Html within the specified zone.

The [ZoneHtml] attribute can be used on a layout to define the default content of a zone within the layout. It can also be used on a region or page that contains a layout to overide the layout and change the content of the zone for this instance of the layout.

Example usage:

    [IsLayout("functional_area__list", "title,list")]
    [ZoneRegion("title", "layouts:null")]
    [ZoneRegion("list", "functional_area__list")]
    [ZoneHtml("title", "functional_area__list_heading", "<h3>Functional areas</h3>")]
    internal class FunctionalAreaList: ContentElement { }

The [ZoneHtml()] attribute has the following properties you can set.


This is the name of the zone within a layout where the Html should be rendered.


This must be set to a unique key that identifies this piece of text. The key will be used to find the locale specific version of the Html based on the browser's language settings.


This is the Html to use for all locales where there is no localization defined for this LocalizationId.