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The [ZoneLayout] Attribute

Attach the [ZoneLayout] attribute to elements that contain multiple content areas (zones) to place a layout within the specified zone.

The [ZoneLayout] attribute can be used on a layout to define the default content of a zone within the layout. It can also be used on a region or page that contains a layout to overide the layout and change the content of the zone for this instance of the layout.

Example usage:

    [IsLayout("repositoryLanding", "right,left")]
    [ZoneLayout("left", "repositoryLandingPage_LeftColumn")]
    [ZoneLayout("right", "repositoryLandingPage_RightColumn")]
    internal class LandingPageLayout : FixedRightColumnLayout { }
    [Route("/content/repository/**", Method.Get, Priority = -80)]
    [PageTitle("GitHub Repository")]
    [ZoneLayout("body", "repositoryLanding")]
    public class LandingPage: NavigationMasterPage{ }

The [ZoneLayout()] attribute has the following properties you can set.


This is the name of the zone within a layout where the layout should be rendered.


This is the name of the layout to render into this zone of the layout. If the layout is in a different package then the component name must be qualified with the package namespace as a prefix separated by a colon.