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The Pages area of the Owin Framework provides very scalable and flexible methods of adding web pages and web service endpoints to any Owin Framework application.

This Html module contains the functionallity for rendering Html. It provides many different ways of doing this including:

  • Writing custom elements that implement the IComponent, IRegion, ILayout, IPage etc interfaces.
  • Writing custom elements that inherit from the Component, Region, Layout, Page etc classes and override virtual methods to create applicatiob features.
  • Decorating classes with attributes to define their behavior, reflecting over assemblies to find these classes and register them with the rendering engine.
  • Using the FluentBuilder to define components, regions, layouts and pages using a fluent syntax in C#.
  • Creating a package class that uses the fluent builder to construct a set of elements that can be imported and reused in different applications.
  • Loading and parsing templates. There are a number of loaders provided, including loading templates from a Url or by scanning the file system. There are a number of parsers including Html, Markdown and Angular. These template parsers support data binding, conditional inclusion of content and repeating.
  • Using the fluent template builder to programatically construct and register templates from data - for example from a database.