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This middleware will store a cookie on the user agent to maintain server-side state per user.

If you want this behaviour only on certain routes through the OWIN pipeline then you can configure this middleware only on those routes. You can also add multiple instances of this middleware to the OWIN pipeline to have different session behaviour for different routes.


The OWIN Framework supports any configuration mechanism you choose. At the time of writing it comes bundled with support for Urchin and web.config configuration, but the IConfiguration interface is trivial to implement.

With the OWIN Framework the application developer chooses where in the configuration structure each middleware will read its configuration from (this is so that you can have more than one of the same middleware in your pipeline with different configurations).

This middleware has very few configuration options. See the CacheSessionMiddleware.cs for details.

This is an example of adding the cache session middleware to the OWIN Framework pipeline builder.

    .ConfigureWith(config, "/middleware/session");

If you uses the above code, and you use Urchin for configuration management then your configuration file can be set up like this:

    "middleware": {
        "session": {
            "cacheCategory": "session",
            "sessionDuration": "00:20:00",
            "cookieName": "session-id",