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Setting permissions on restful service endpoints with OWIN Framework Pages

Service Endpoint Permissions

Services and service endpoints can have a required permission set. When calls are made to the service by identities that do not have this permission they will receive an access denied response and the service endpoint code will not execute.

For this to work you must include Authorization middleware in your OWIN pipeline. Any middleware that implements the the authorization mechanism can be used.

You can decorate your service and service endpoints with the [RequiresIdentification] attribute and/or the [RequiresPermission] attribute to control who has access to your service and its endpoints.


This is a property of the [Endpoint] attribute and the [IsService] attribute. When this property is true the name of the service and method name are passed as the asset name to the authentication check separated by a forward slash. This allows you to define permissions that allow access to service methods using wildcards, for example you can give one group of users permission to call any endpoint in the service whilst other groups of users can only call certain specific endpoints.